Cognilyze is the first and only psychology-based solutions provider for eCommerce.

Cognilyze was founded on the understanding that personalization is not just about data or gathering yet, another piece of personal shopper information, rather, it is about intuition. So, while others know what they buy, Cognilyze knows why they buy.

Our combination of psychology and technology builds a “psychological profile” for each and every shopper and enhances shoppers’ experience in an omnichannel fashion throughout his or her shopping journey From “search pages” that intuitively understand the shopper’s motives and reasons, through very relevant recommendations that include new, niche and cross-category products, site optimization with rich personalized textual content throughout as well as remarketing and retargeting campaigns with personalized email and push notification based on the shopper’s individual psychological profile.

Finally, our “Discovery Pages” pleasantly surprise the shopper with unique products that speak to their deeper wants and desires.

All this results in higher conversion rate, increase in sales and mainly greater customer loyalty and overall life value.